If you know what nightcore is, chances are that you cringe at its mention. Once a more intense eurobeat, since 2011 it has devolved into upping the pitch and tempo of pop songs and putting them on YouTube along with an inexplicable anime picture. Well, some producers from the far reaches have decided to take this bastardization and run with it all the way to kingdom come.

Nightcore revival (or post-nightcore) seems to poke fun at its roots by sampling songs that have absolutely no business being given the nightcore treatment while Photoshopping anime into any and everything. But despite the satire, they are now starting to toy with the concept of every genre of music imaginable being given a new spin and context. Some of the results are funny, interesting, or even surprisingly pleasant - and one can't help but think that the infamous vaporwave had extremely similar roots before evolving into something different. Here are some tracks for context:


What do you think? Is there room for musical growth here? Do any of these hold merit beyond making a statement? Personally I think it has a long way to go, but Wato Wato in particular did something genuinely cool. There's a potential there to wring something new out of post-rock which I think went downhill after the 2nd wave. There are also some songs out there that show promise by integrating elements of plunderponics and noise. If nothing else, it's an intriguing fad that's starting to make small ripples online.