new album released Oct 6th

In The Unlikely Event

from the album - Panic Attack
YouTube - The Fall of Troy: In The Unlikely Event - 01 Panic Attack! (New Song) ( REAL Lyrics!)

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Post-hardcore trio the Fall of Troy formed in Mukilteo, WA, in 2002. Singer/guitarist Thomas Erak, singer/bassist Tim Ward, and drummer Andrew Forsman previously collaborated in 30 Years War, a screamo outfit they formed with fellow high school classmate Mike Munro on guitar. After a pair of self-released 2002 EPs, Martyrs Among the Casualties and Live at the Paradox, Munro left the group, citing day-job commitments, and the remaining trio continued as the Fall of Troy, selecting the name as before by randomly opening the pages of a history textbook. Their self-titled debut LP followed on Lujo Records in late 2003. At the time of recording, all three members were still under the age of 17, and apart from a handful of Pacific Northwest dates and a brief California tour, their live schedule was limited until the following year, when they self-released an EP, Ghostship. In mid-2005 the Fall of Troy issued Doppelgänger, their first effort for new label Equal Vision Records. During their April 30, 2006, gig at the Columbus, OH, venue The Basement, an angry Erak announced, "This is the last song the Fall of Troy will ever play together," but the trio later scotched rumors of their imminent breakup via their official website and entered the studio that December with producer Matt Bayles (Isis, Botch) to record new material. They emerged with the album Manipulator, which surfaced on record shelves in early May 2007, as spring was spent supporting the Deftones on nationwide dates.

album review

The Fall of Troy do a bunch of different things, most of them with reasonable competence and a strong enough individual identity to vault them a half-step ahead of the pack. The first song on this disc, "Panic Attack," is very much in the jagged post-punk spirit of At the Drive-In, including high-pitched vocals à la Cedric Bixler-Zavala. But that's followed by the noisy post-hardcore of "Straight-Jacket Keelhauled," which could almost be a Converge cover with its feedback-laced riff, distorted screams, and relentless headlong pace. At other times, vocalist Thomas Erak sounds shockingly like Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez; indeed, if "Single" had a much longer and dumber title and an epic, arena-rock guitar solo, it could be a Coheed and Cambria track. The noises that begin "Dirty Pillow Talk," plus the convulsive guitar-and-drum spasm that passes for a riff, make it one of the most interesting, if not necessarily palatable, songs on the album. Overall, these guys are obviously young enough that they're still working through their influences, but they have enough instrumental technique and a few good ideas of their own that they'll eventually turn into something memorable after another album or two down the road.

Track Listing
1 Panic Attack! 03:34
2 Straight-Jacket Keelhauled 02:23
3 Battleship Graveyard 05:10
4 A Classic State of Transference 04:42
5 Single 03:05
6 Empty the Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen 03:17
7 People and Their Lives 06:18
8 Dirty Pillow Talk 04:17
9 Nobody's Perfect 04:43
10 Webs 04:17
11 Walk of Fame 05:19
12 Nature vs. Nurture 05:42