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Thread: Creeper "black mass"

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    Default Creeper "black mass"

    Creeper "black mass"

    one second the singer sounds like the insipid Simple Plan singer,
    the next he sounds like Meatloaf for a line or two,
    then back to Blink182 etc etc..
    I don't like it.

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    dude sounds like Meat Loaf in parts
    I like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    dude sounds like Meat Loaf in parts
    I like it
    That. (and not a little bit like Meatloaf, either. You play that without the vid, and I'm 100% certain that people would believe it's the artist formerly known as Marvin Lee Aday)

    He's also rocking the dude from Panic! At The Disco during the verses.

    And every time he says HEY!!, it's a spot on Hayley Williams from Paramore.

    Don't believe me? check this out at right around 2:35- 2:40.

    The bass is Greenday, a jigsaw puzzle vocalist, and a basic, run of the mill structure.

    And yet, I like it, too. It has a kick.
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