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Thread: Inglorious "inglorious"

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    Inglorious "inglorious"

    online Spotify world listen:

    debut album from these UK based hard rockers...
    sounds like Iron Maiden to me for the most part
    with a touch of Deep Purple/Def Leppard in the mix also...
    can also hear little bits of Led Zep and Aerosmith on occasion...
    band includes members of Scorpions amongst others,
    so I guess its what they call a supergroup...
    not a bad sound overall but too much of a muchness, and with
    all those other sounds in the mix, ive heard it all before!

    here's their latest single from the album, which by coincidence
    happened to be my favourite rom that one time listen...

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    sounds like Cornell
    I don't like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    sounds like Cornell
    I don't like it

    I gotta differ.

    With the exception of David Gilmour DSOTM sounding guitar intro, this sounds like any one of a zillion weak-@ss 80s hair metal power ballads.
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