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    Default Hello all...

    Hello folks.

    I am a long time music fan, looking to learn about music and artists. I had wide interests from Elvis Presley to Puccini and everything inbetween. However I am looking for guidance and to learn new things from the forum.
    Special interests include (but not limited to) Elvis Presley, Beth Hart, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Ana Popovic, Imelda May, movie soundtrack albums,.
    In the classical area, I am just starting out, but I do enjoy the following;
    Mozart Requiem, Faure Requiem, Mahler (5 and 9 Symphony) Mozart Violin Sonatas, Orlando di Lasso, Palestrina, Pergolesi.
    The opera I enjoy, Madam Butterfly, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute.
    I don't have much opera yet, need some guidance here!

    Anyway, that is a little about my music taste...

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    welcome to MD Giles...

    I don't think many of our members have been exposed to much classical music so your input in our discovery of that genre would be appreciated.

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    Quite an impressive list of composers/musicians. Don't know much about any of them to be quite honest. Welcome to the site - you can certainly provide a new perspective. I am a Beth Hart fan BTW.
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    Thank you Crazy Horse, Thank you Jerome.

    I think of myself as just starting out with Classical music. I worked with a chap once who was quite the expert, it was he who put me on to the 'early music' composers, as for the symphonic works, well that is my mother's influence. my diversity is more accident than knowledge or design, but I am starting to grow once more. I may not know much but I always know when I like something and am always wanting to stretch my appreciation in different music types.
    This gives me huge dilemma when I come to spend my CD budget each week... Classical? Rock? Blues? world Music? Elvis? Soul?, Funk?, and so it takes me days to decide!
    My shopping basket in Amazon included 2 CD's this week, Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" and "The Budos Band II" (they are a kind Jazz Funk outfit which I am taking a chance on).
    I will let you know what I think.
    Thank you for welcoming me.

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    Listening to "Don't Explain" CD. Beth's version of "Something's Gotta Hold On Me" is fantastic, to my mind better than the Etta James original. I also have the "Live In Amsterdam" concert blu-ray which features Joe Bonamassa as well as the same band as made the album. This is an AMAZING concert! if you have not got a copy yet get it when you can, you will love it, fantastic performance.
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