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    Wolfmother "victorious"

    online Spotify world listen...
    I have this Aussie hard rock band's first two albums..
    superb stuff IMO,
    their third, I never heard, so I made the effort to listen to this one.
    sounds all retro to me...Black Sabbath, bits of Deep Purple...
    very little variation, even slightly psychedelic in places...
    heavy psychedelic rock, could be Iron Butterfly also I guess...
    very little new on here for me, not as straight up R+R as their
    first two so i'll give this one a miss.
    only a couple of tracks really stand out for me including the one
    im posting which has a distinct Paul Kelly sound happening in
    the verses and a distinct Fun. sound in the chorus.

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #71

    from the Spotify world
    the track CH posted was my fav
    the rest the metal heads can have
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    Brilliant album! glad they are back. i have been hearing the title track on the radio.

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