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Thread: An original tribute to Lemmy Check it out

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    Default An original tribute to Lemmy Check it out

    On New Year's Eve 2015 I had been listening to Motorhead a lot for a couple of days following Lemmy's passing. And just before I was about to leave home for a New Year's dinner with some friends I got this idea about making a tribute song to Lemmy and in the same style as Motorhead so I picked up the guitar and this riff came to me right away. It became a song and here is the video.

    Would be great to get some feedback from all the metal heads here.

    Music: Written, recorded, produced and performed by: Magnus Engdahl
    Lyrics by: Magnus Engdahl
    Video editing by: Magnus Engdahl

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    Awesome tribute!
    R.I.P. Lemmy

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    Nice! Tributes like this will keep his legacy alive. I was really emotional when Lemmy passed. This was the tribute I wrote.

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