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Thread: Tim Minchin "come home Cardinal Pell"

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    Default Tim Minchin "come home Cardinal Pell"

    Tim Minchin "come home Cardinal Pell"

    Aussie comedian/actor/all round entertainer releases a single
    to raise money for the victims of child abuse at the hands of
    Christian Church clergymen...
    this one is a jab at Cardinal George Pell who left Australia
    a while ago to avoid giving evidence against the Catholic Church
    here in Australia, not it turns out the Victorian Police out here have just issued
    an arrest warrant for the Cardinal's own abuse against young children..
    but he is in hiding, protected by the Catholic Church in The Vatican and claims
    he is too sick to travel back to Australia to ace charges and answer questions...

    back to the quite sarcastic,
    has a Ben Folds feel to it and even though I don't like it,
    all the proceeds go to victims of Child Church abuse so for that alone
    I hope it sells truckloads of copies for the cause!

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    and an old one he recorded about The Pope being just as guilty as the perps because he knew/knows what goes on in the church!

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    I like it
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    Its on constant radio rotation here, and yes, its grown on me.

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    I heard it all over the radio on all stations when it came out.

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