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    Foals are amazing. Thats all i can say, especially when most indie bands aren't really independent or at least good, and not always trying to second guess what we want to hear...

    I'm just a bit hooked finding i've spent hours watching their random videos and all sorts.
    : ) even got a couple of free live tracks off their myspace, so thats pretty good.

    ...i should stop talking now, but if you want to hear something actually worth listening to go and check FOALS out (if you haven't done so already). go to
    Plus the free tracks they're giving away on myspace are quality.


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    Quite a good group. In the subsequent years, they, having listened to their mashed/mixed muses, have brought forth 3 CDs that AMG thinks are excellent: Here's their perhaps strongest song, "Inhaler": Another: and Finally: << notice the cassette player? With music for all? Imagine that this age of everybody using earbuds.

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