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Thread: Hello Everyone!) I'm Vardana. I am a composer and I've just started a youtube channel

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    Wink Hello Everyone!) I'm Vardana. I am a composer and I've just started a youtube channel

    Hello everyone. I'm a music composer/beat maker. I have been writing music since 2006, when I was 11, but never really had the courage to share them with anyone. But eventually I started showing my music to my family, my friends, and the feedback was pretty amazing. It was defenitely not what I expexted :). So recently I decided to take this very seriously, and actually start a youtube channel, build an audience, and present myself to the people, rappers, singers who are searching for instrumentals for their albums and so on.

    Here's my channel:

    I'm going to be updating it every week, so every week you will be presented with a new instrumental. BTW as you can already tell, there is going to be content in every genre. I'm not going to upload music on any specific genre, there may be some hip hop, rnb, pop, rock, blues and especially jazzy songs. Please give me some feedback, and let me know what you think so far.

    Also, be sure to check out my website:

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    Default ive jus started a channel as well plz can i get some feedback

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