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Thread: Cow "rise" b/w "up"

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    Default Cow "rise" b/w "up"

    COW "rise b/w "up"

    double A side single from UK alt band Cow featuring the legendary
    Steve Ellis (love affair) on lead vocals...
    unfortunately there is no complete link for either track on this single...
    the link provided is only 1:40 long,
    "rise" preview is for the first 0:33 and then "up" takes up the final minute
    of the youtube clip...

    take a listen...these guys have soul and Ellis proves he is still a class act!
    the band's third album entitled "3" has just been released in the UK and
    Paul Weller apparently, also makes a guest appearance on it

    two great songs from the sound of these snippets...
    deserves to be a huge hit but will probably disappear into the abyss because theyre 'real songs'!

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    I just found the band webpage and there are snippets of all the tracks off the album...very, very good stuff IMO.

    heres the link to the snippets from the album:

    the album is now on the "to buy" list!

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