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    Kevin Gates "islah"

    good to see a rapper using a real name instead of some stupid word
    with symbols inserted in it ie: $...
    debut set from this guy rom Baton Rouge...
    nowhere near as much foul language as most of the rappers do,
    infact, it took until the fourth track for the N-word to make an appearance.
    a few B and F words, but it not saturated with them...
    sounds a bit like 50 Cent in places, D-12 in others...
    he's had seven singles of this one already with the first released last july,
    so its almost a compilation I guess..
    all up, a listenable album but I wouldn't buy it..

    here's my favourite from the album:

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #2

    the normal amount of niggas, bitches, hos
    sex, drugs and money
    filth most of the way
    only 1 featured artist though

    the only one I could tap my foot to

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    Soooooooo dank! I have been listening to Really Really and 2 Phones on repeat for days! La Familia is also money.

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    Once was enough for me...

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