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Thread: Elton John/Killers collaboration...

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    Default Elton John/Killers collaboration...

    I just saw this article online, thought I might share it...

    Elton John reveals plans to write for The Killers' new album

    The legend hopes to team up with frontman Brandon Flowers in Las Vegas

    Elton John has revealed he's planning on writing with Brandon Flowers for The Killers' new album.

    The Las Vegas band previously released their fourth album 'Battle Born' in 2012, with Flowers later releasing his solo LP, 'The Desired Effect', in May 2015.

    With Flowers himself recently telling NME that fans would be able to hear new music "at the end of 2016 maybe", John has now told Shazam that he's hopefully going to be involved in the project.

    The legend stated: "I'm hoping to go to Vegas and write with Brandon for the new Killers recordů So that'll be interesting."

    John also expressed his love of working with other artists in the studio, adding: "It's just great to be able to see how other people sing, what they write, how they do it, and it gives you an idea of, 'Oh they do it that way'."

    During his interview withNME, Flowers previously shed some light on The Killers forthcoming record, admitting: "We're writing - we're in the early stages."

    Discussing how the process of songwriting has changed for him over the years, the frontman said: "When you get older you get more accustomed to doing it and it gets harder in a way. It's easier to write a song and finish a song now than when we used to really slave over it and the songs would be too long or we don't know exactly what we're doing."

    "Now it's more second nature [but] it's harder to sift through what's terrible and what's great, because it's so easy to complete a song. So I think that's where you get a lot of bands being complacent and just going through the motions."

    Flowers added: "You get a lot of bands that don't do great things later on, and so hopefully because I'm aware of that we can really do something better and something great this time."

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    I absolutely love The Killers (best band of the last 20yrs IMO)
    and Elton is Elton...its pretty hard to criticise anything he does because he is Elton John but...

    im not sure if those two different styles will work when morphed as one...

    two distinct styles...
    could lead to an album that really isn't The Killers sound,
    but either way,
    it will be an interesting pairing to say the least...I hope it works!

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