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Thread: Shadow of evil - round end jingle

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    Hi there. I'm currently working on an ext. cover of this piece from black ops 3 (pretty sure its noir style jazz) but I've run into a problem. I've figured out the sax and main melody of the backing, both sound correct by ear but when I record them together it doesn't sound quite right. I think the problem lies when the main theme kicks in after the sax's little lead up and the main sax settles on a G flat but the backing (brass?) kicks of on G creating a dischord that doesn't seem to be there in the actual music. Can anyone help me figure this out? and maybe help identify a few instruments used aswell if that's possible as I'm not really clued up on this style haha. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is an out of the ordinary thread but was unsure of where to post this.


    link to the piece in question:

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    Sending out an SOS to Jerome......

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    Not saying that I can fathom this out - I know very little about jazz but can you post your cover version?
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    the SOS button works
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    I was going to morse code J-Man but I couldn't remember if it was " ... --- ..." or " --- ... ---"

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    might be a noob question, but how do I upload my cover version? says invalid file when I try to upload?

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