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    Hi everyone my name is Lucas James and I am a Seattle based musician in a band called Creatures of Habit. I play multiple instruments, and I record music of my own and others. If you send me threads via dropbox I'll mix that shit! I'm always down to meet other artists and discover new forms of music. Hit me up if you have time, I'd love to have a chat.

    Oh! And I am also interested in expanding on a genre which I think is about to blow up. I call it Electric Soul (think Chet faker, James Blake, Lorde). I think EDM music has got a bit jaded and we need to start bringing a bit more musicality back into the form. Let me know if you think likewise. Peace!

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    welcome to MD Lucas....

    "electric soul"....another bloody genre enters the already ridiculously huge list of genres/sub genres!

    electronic music is bland, repetitive and without soul IMO, especially the modern stuff.

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