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Thread: What Did You Buy?

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    Lucky you! He has a magic touch and I donít think anything heís done is dismissible, including the soundtrack for The Princess Bride which I watched for the first time a little while ago and which has acquired itself quite a cult following; it is a silly but charming swashbuckling spoof which is firmly tongue-in-cheek yet somehow beguiling. Loved Mandy Patinkin as the eminently quotable and vengeful Spanish swordsman, Inigo Montoya Ö

    Despite the soundtrack being chucked together in about five minutes flat (purportedly), with MK and Guy Fletcher alone wielding instruments (along with copious helpings of synthesizer), that too is quite lovely and I now have the record because it popped up under my nose, as these things tend to do Ö he's off on a different tangent here too ...

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    This remains my favourite Knopfler track despite there being no guitar whatsoever -
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