new album released Oct 6th

There Is No Enemy

from the album - Nowhere Lullaby
YouTube - Built to Spill "Nowhere Lullaby"

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Built to Spill were one of the most popular indie rock acts of the '90s, finding the middle ground between postmodern, Pavement-style pop and the loose, spacious jamming of Neil Young. From the outset, the band was a vehicle for singer/songwriter/guitarist Doug Martsch, who revived the concept of the indie guitar hero just as Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis another important influence was beginning to fade from the limelight. On record, Martsch the arranger crafted intricate, artfully knotted tangles of guitar; in concert, his rough-edged soloing heroics earned Built to Spill a reputation as an exciting and unpredictable live act.

album review

Indie rock stalwarts going back to the early '90s, Built to Spill have pleased fans for years, and their first album in three years, There Is No Enemy, occupies much the same territory as 2006's You in Reverse. Doug Martsch's absorbed and witty wordplay consistently turns lyrical convention on its head, the songs feature a parade of quirky hooks, and with its driving, accomplished backing, the band draws in a range of potential audiences, from its indie fan base to those who rock out to jam bands or don the headphones to dig into singer/songwriters. The always literate Martsch makes a virtue of steadfastness and reflection, the single "Hindsight" bemoaning those who wonder, "Is the grass just greener 'cause it's fake?" Meanwhile, the band attacks most of these songs, giving Martsch's reflective songwriting a little more bite, even on "Good Ol' Boredom" (which would descend into tedium if it were a ballad). Besides connecting the dots between the chugging side of Neil Young and the slightly warped alterna-pop of the Flaming Lips, Built to Spill continue releasing some of the most affecting, beguiling indie rock of the 2000s.

Track Listing
1 Aisle 13 Built to Spill 03:17
2 Hindsight Built to Spill 03:38
3 Nowhere Lullaby Built to Spill 03:59
4 Good Ol' Boredom Built to Spill 06:31
5 Life's a Dream Built to Spill 04:53
6 Oh Yeah Built to Spill 05:21
7 Pat Built to Spill 02:40
8 Done Built to Spill 06:53
9 Planting Seeds Built to Spill 04:26
10 Things Fall Apart Built to Spill 06:15
11 Tomorrow Built to Spill 07:40