Alex Pollock of The Ocular Audio Experiment has kept himself busy since the band’s multi-release year of 2012 (The Witch’s Whispering Tomes Parts 1, 2, and Ghoul). It’s been a bit long coming, but the results are starting to bubble up; “Alive” is the band’s first single off the forthcoming LP, Laughing Dreams, set to be self-released in late February, 2016. In step with the band’s DIY approach, the album was produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Pollock, as described by him, “in three bedrooms and a closet.”

Laughing Dreams is a nine song love-letter experiment to conventional psychedelic rock, folk, doom and pop; drawing on, aspiring toward and blending influences such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Velvet Underground, High On Fire, Black Angels, Spacemen 3, Mercury Rev, BRMC, Cave In, The Warlocks, Echo & The Bunnymen and a long roster of others. According to Pollock, “The influences that color the album are all groups and individuals who have, for whatever reason, inspired me to try and give the best of myself toward what I like about music, with and by my own means. I just wanted to pay tribute to that spirit and try to do something great without being anybody special or extraordinary.”

Twitter: @OcularAudio

Band Bio:

The Ocular Audio Experiment formed in 2010, more or less as a broad umbrella to host audio and visual art experiments by Alex Pollock. Since then, it has slowly been developing into a live band unit, opening for acclaimed psychedelic rock and folk acts such as: Quilt, Mmoss, Ghost Box Orchestra, Dinowalrus and others.

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