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Thread: Charlie Puth "nine track mind"

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    Default Charlie Puth "nine track mind"

    Charlie Puth "nine track mind"

    online Spotify listen:

    debut set from the guy who bought us "see you again" with Wiz Kalifa
    and "marvin gaye" with Meghan Trainor...
    this album doesn't disappoint at all...
    lots of cool pop tunes on here..
    thankfully, only a couple of 'featuring...' artists on it in the form of
    the hit with Meghan, one with a guy called Shy Carter and one with Selena Gomez...
    the other nine tracks are his alone...
    there is also a bonus unlisted track placed at the end of the disc..."see you again"
    im assuming the guy is a pianist(but I could be wrong I guess), but these are
    all basically piano based pop songs...
    we've all heard the Meghan, the Wiz and his last single "one call away", so the link
    will be for two of the album tracks that I really liked from this solitary listen,
    BTW, theres not one song on it that I didn't like!

    "up all night" audio link

    "suffer" audio link

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #6

    from the Spotify world
    surprised you like this CH
    too much falsetto for me
    only Sam Smith has more
    the only thing I really like on this is Marvin Gaye
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    and I'm surprised you didn't like it MH.

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