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Thread: signature songs-your personal top ten

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    Default signature songs-your personal top ten

    all classic artist have that one song no matter how big the cataloge that's considered their signature song,here's my top ten...temptations[my girl]..Aretha[respect]..james brown[I got you]..gene chandler[duke of earl]..the o'jays[backstabbers]..the impressions[keep on pushing]..the miracles[shop around]..Carla Thomas[gee whiz]..the drifters[under the boardwalk]...what are yours?

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    Jackie Wilson....lonely teardrops

    Percy Sledge...when a man loves a woman

    Supremes...stop in the name of love

    Otis Redding...dock of the bay

    Little Richard...long tall sally

    Chuck Berry...johnny b goode

    Fats Domino...blueberry hill

    Everly Brothers...wake up little Suzie

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    Queen...bohemian rhapsody

    Kiss...rock and roll all nite

    Slade...cum on feel the noise

    Sweet...ballroom blitz

    Hollies...he ain't heavy,he's my brother really got me

    Who...wont get fooled again

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    Small Faces...itchycoo park

    Spencer Davis Group...keep on running

    Manfred wah diddy diddy

    Bob a rolling stone

    Martha & The Vandellas...heatwave

    Mary guy

    Four Tops...reach out,I'll be there

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    Sex Pistols...anarchy in the UK calling called malice

    Madness...baggy trousers

    Ian Dury...hit me with your rhythm stick

    Specials...a message to you,Rudi

    Duran Duran...girls on film

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood...relax

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    The following are my ten most favorite.

    "Out Of Sight And On My Mind"
    "Love Jones"
    "Give 'Em My Number"
    "Helping Hand"
    "You Can't Manufacture Love"
    "Ain't It The Truth"
    "Mama's Song"
    "Members Only"
    "Cherry Hill Park"

    Each song is from my newest favorite the late beautiful precious Billy Joe Royal.

    God bless you and his family always!!!


    P.S. To me, there is so much more where them songs came from.
    Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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