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Thread: Looking for a female singer

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    Hey :)
    my name is Moritz (16 years old) and I produce music for more than 2 years now.
    Here is my soundcloud account :)
    A few month ago I "finished" a "Nu disco" song but the thing is that I really want to have a female voice.
    I am not good at writing a lyrics so it would be great if there is someone who can sing and also can write a little lyrics. Don't wanna sell my song, just want to finish it and upload it to my soundcloud account.

    Would be amazing if you can help me out or if you can tell me where I can find a singer.

    I will send you the song if you are interested in it.

    Thank you
    Randomness :)

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    Hi Randomness. Sounds great what you are doing, There is a great website called Ents Capital UK and they have 100s of female singers in there you could contact. You do a postcode search for your area and it brings up the nearest acts. Where are you based there is one girl on line called Stacey Christopher. Ive heard her she is awesome with a great tone. I expect you can find her on facebook too. Good luck with that and your "Nu Disco" song!

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