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Thread: Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

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    Default Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Chart this week at #70

    from the Spotify world
    Australian band
    says this was released in 2009 but just now showing up on the chart
    delivered by Just Flowers to these shores
    sounds like MGMT to me
    I only need one
    you guys duke it out and let me know who wins

    I like this one

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    They were a collaboration between several Aussie bands as an off shoot of their own bands back in the day...

    I have no idea why they're in your charts this late...

    Just Flowers....LMAO!

    I'm guessing here,
    Maybe one or two of their songs are on a movie soundtrack which got some airplay/interest from the public????

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    1977 called...they want their disco ball back off that guy's head.

    1987 called...they want their techno keyboard back.

    Adam Ant, Missing Persons, Bjork, The Eurythmics, and Gary Numan called...they want their facepaint back.
    "Sh-boom was the last great song ever written." ~ My Mom

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