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A Christian-oriented screamo quintet with some hip-hop and nu metal influences, blessthefall started in Phoenix, AZ, when high-school friends Mike and Matt (yes, this is one of those bands whose members only use their first names) began practicing together in 2002. Guitarist Mike and drummer Matt found singer Craig and bassist Jared on the local baby-band circuit and formed blessthefall in early 2004. Following a self-released three-song demo in the summer of 2005, guitarist Eric completed the final lineup of the band. An increased local live presence, including many shows played with fellow Phoenicians Greeley Estates, brought blessthefall to the attention of Greeley Estates' label, Science Records (an imprint of Record Collection), which signed the still largely teenaged band in 2006. Shows with bands like Norma Jean and Alesana followed before blessthefall's debut album, His Last Walk, surfaced in April 2007.

album review

The last time I brought up the band Blessthefall, it was when they first released their last album, “His Last Walk.” That may sound weird, but the band had jumped around from different labels, finally shopping the album with Science and Ferret Records, and eventually releasing it in 2006 and 2007. The band has also gone through some changes, like Craig Mabbitt (ex-lead singer) leaving to join Escape The Fate, and the joining of Beau Bokan (ex-Take The Crown) to take over vocal duties — it has been a wild last 2 years for the band as they completed their sophomore record, “Witness.” At least they have a stable home over at Fearless Records, rather than a major label subsidiary that doesn’t know what it’s doing.
It appears that this new line-up knows exactly what it’s doing. While “His Last Walk” was a journey in mediocre post-hardcore, there was hardly any bite to match its strong bark — “Witness” has cured that. Like a shattering punch to Craig Mabbitt’s face, this new album resembles recent efforts from The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath, rather than old Blessthefall. This progressive post-hardcore conclusion that many bands have evolved into from simple screamo, is simply one of the best and more respectable genres — making this new record irresistible. Also, Beau’s vocals fit right in with the hard-hitting breakdowns and harmonized choruses perfectly. Very form-fitting and playful, his vocals leave Craig’s stiff performances in the distance. Those who question my judgment there can pick up Escape The Fate’s new album and hate the fact Craig took over after Ronnie left.

Blessthefall has also hyped up the guitar work for this effort, leading to high-flying fretwork, crushing epic build-up sections, and an overall technical release with both clarity and strength. A part of that complement belongs to producer Elvis Baskette (Incubus, Escape The Fate, Story Of The Year), who has been able to coax the energy and determination out of Blessthefall — much like he did with Story Of The Year’s album, “The Black Swan.” “Witness” has helped the band take that huge leap into music that average listeners and elitists can both appreciate and listen to multiple times.

I personally love the new records uncaged power, dual guitars that harmonize so beautifully, as well as Beau and Jared’s tag team sing/scream vocals that creates a progressive sound that has already been done before by several acts, but is still loved anyways. If you are TDWP or Underoath fans, then you should not miss Blessthefall’s latest. There have been a lot of changes, and it will be hard for some to come around, citing “Really? “His Last Walk” was so weak, “Witness” won’t be any better.” Yes it is and you will be damn happy that you were a witness to such a commanding and passionate record.

Track Listing
1. 2.0
2. What’s Left of Me
3. To Hell and Back
4. God Wears Gucci
5. Hey Baby
6. Witness
7. Last One Left
8. Five Ninety
9. We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead
10. Skinwalkers
11. You Deserve Nothing and I Hope You Get Less
12. Stay Still