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Thread: Interview with Stephanie Winters

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    Default Interview with Stephanie Winters

    Classically trained cellist Stephanie Winters is a pioneer in bringing the strength and richness of her instrument to different musical forms and genres. More than 100 artists have sought Stephanie out to record and tour with them, including Corrine Bailey Rae, Paula Cole, The O'Jays, Dar Williams, and Anne Murray.

    Since 2004 Winters has been a cornerstone of Richie Havens' live show, playing more than 100 performances a year in North America, Europe and Australia with the Woodstock legend. She played on Havens’ last release, "Grace of the Sun", and is featured on Havens' forthcoming CD "Nobody Left to Crown" which was just released in Europe and is slated for a 2008 release in the United States.

    here is my Interview with Stephanie Winters:


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    i like most classic things, no matter music and other. becuse i am a troditional girl , I like most troditional things, such as culture, custom, clothes , etc.

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