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Thread: Shakila - 11 : 11 City Of Love

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    Default Shakila - 11 : 11 City Of Love

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #121

    first English album
    20 Persian albums
    I thought it was called Iran
    but they're calling it Persian
    music on this leadoff track reminded me of Sade

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    theres a lot of ignorant people out there who have no idea Iran was once Persia,
    (same goes for Ceylon is now Sri Lanka, Siam is now Thailand, Burma is now Myanmar etc etc)
    inact, theres probably a lot of young people who have no idea that Russia used to be the USSR.

    and lets face it, if they mentioned Iran it would probably sell as many copies as it will.

    BTW, heard the track...I don't like it.

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