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Thread: Rachel Platten "wildfire"

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    RACHEL PLATTEN "wildfire"

    debut album rom the songstress who gave us the fist pumping
    anthem "fight song" from 2015, and also the stomping feel good
    song "stand by you"....
    album is actually a bit o a letdown for me as theres nothing as
    stomping at those two tracks(especially Fight Song)...
    that doesn't mean the album is bad, its not, its actually quite
    good, I was just expecting a few more uptempo songs instead of
    an album of slow pop ballads...
    another bonus to the album is that she does not use foul language,
    doesn't degrade herself with any of that "ill do anything for you baby",
    "i'll be your b**ch and ho" crap...
    no featuring so-and-so neither...
    a nice laid back album with clever thoughtful lyrics and nice melodies.

    we all know the two singles from the album so heres the link to
    one of the piano based ballads...

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    spun on Spotify
    good album
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