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Thread: Do you use audiomastering?

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    Lightbulb Do you use audiomastering?

    A few months ago we've started this service for musicians - audio mastering online studios list, where everybody can find mastering studio for his music - free or unfree, sort it by different technical parameters, by price, by country and so on:
    Is it useful in your opinion? If you have any suggestion how to improve our service - write it here, please!
    Thank you! =)

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    It looks nice and the idea is great.

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    We have added Comments and Search to our catalog, so it became much more useful. If you ever had a deal with one of those studios - please, write a comment - how it was! =)

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    Now we have in our catalog studios from 40 different countries:

    119 from USA
    82 from UK
    39 from Germany
    22 from Italy
    18 from Netherlands
    18 from Spain
    16 from Australia
    13 from Canada
    13 from Russia
    12 from France
    and so on.

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