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Thread: Music Listening Habits

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    Default Music Listening Habits

    Interested as to when/where/how other members listen to their music.

    Me. I'm retired so I have the leisure time some may not have.

    Always in the mornings as I am an early riser, 4 am. After/during my morning injection of caffeine/nicotine and an update of the news, I am under the headphones listening to my precious vinyl. Afterwards it's on to the computer for a few hours, where I start out at this cool site I came across called Music Discussion, by posting the album I have just listened to, and also seeing if any youtube video clips are available for that album. I dvr the late night talk shows, mostly just for the band(s) that may have been on, so then I'm watching them. I then look for whatever you guys have been listening to, and if I haven't heard them, I seek them out and give a listen. This is one way you have an impact on my listening and during the short time I have been a member, I have already found new stuff I like. I thank you. Unfortunately I have also found new stuff I don't like. I thank you for that too. I also listen to new albums as they come out, when I can find them available online. I also post those here. Other than that, my only other listening is when I am outside relaxing, I am usually reading and listening to my cd's under the earphones. I'd say 90% of my listening is under either the headphones or earphones. I don't like distractions.

    Where I don't listen to music is the radio or the so called music tv stations. There is absolutely zero decent radio stations where I live and I hate most videos. When I was a working stiff, I did listen to the radio in the truck, but nowadays I seldom leave the farm. I'm one of those hermits.

    Anybody else like to share?
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    Hmm ok well

    I get up, get ready for school and as I'm going to school I listen to music with my iPod so that I can wake up .Then after school when I get home and if I have time and finished my homework I listen to music,again from the iPod(it's just something I've got used to).Also,if there is a new album release I listen to that too.Now, sometimes I listen music from MTV before I go to sleep or any other time of the day that it's free and I'm bored.Sometimes,I'm searching over the internet for new music,songs, this site also helps.So...yea I think that's all.Oh I also listen to soundtracks of course when I'm watching tv shows and tv series.I watch a lot of them :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    A farm, the tunes, and no rat race. Sounds like the life.

    I wake up at 4am and watch a few things on YouTube--mostly live stuff from old bands back before they were old. Unfortunately, I have to get ready for work at 6.

    I listen to Pandora at work, and have about 5 stations set up.

    Sometimes I'll watch more YouTube stuff on the weekend, without the interruption of having to get ready for work.

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    I mostly listen on my mp3 while I'm out and about, travelling on buses and so forth.

    I used to listen to CDs on my stereo but one of the speakers keeps cutting out and I've never got round to replacing it. Plus I tend to annoy the neighbours because I like listening to music loud.

    I find I listen more intently when I'm wearing earphones anyway.

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    Interesting subject.

    In fact, it depend of what I am doing in my life. When I was working and going to school, it was sure everyday I listened a cd because I had about 40-45 minutes walk back and forth with my cd player.

    For now I'm at home searching for a job so in a way I listen to less music because I sometimes don't simply take time for it! But I continue to take my 3 hours walks with beer (see my post here for more details about that) occasionally. When I really need it, I put headphones and listen lying on the couch.

    And right now I don't have a car and listening to music while driving really miss me; I think that when I have a 1 hour alone ride to do with my car, it's one of my favorite way to listen to music loud and with concentration; it's sometimes better when it's evening. Of course, it's better in countryside because driving in town needs too much attention and I can't really focus on the music!

    Beside, I hate radio and music tv station, like Music Head also said; I simply never listen to them. I try to discover online and here.

    At the beginning of our relationship, my girlfriend and I where supposed to reserve one evening a week just listening to music; but we never really did it. Talking about that, I will try to re-start this idea with her and keep our schedule!

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    My listening falls into two categories:

    - In the evening following dinner, we sit and have a music session before catching a bit of TV. This is dimmed lighting, focussed listening with no distractions. It's only ever Vinyl or CD, and it has to be loud enough to flap trousers (That's pants, US cousins...).

    - When the weather's good, the iPod comes out whilst I sit in the garden. This is loaded with copied albums from my collection in Apple Lossless which I feel deserve a listen. Once they're listened to, they're cleared off for the next album that takes my fancy. Don't listen to individual tracks, mine is an album machine. Volume kept to more sensible levels

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    The real question for me is when am I not listening to music? Obviously during a class lecture it'd not only be rude, but counter-productive.

    Aside from that however, I listen to music in the car, at my computer, at work, around the house, while doing artwork, going to bed or as an alarm clock (alternating), I'm even taking a music appreciation class right now and we listen to music in-class. On top of that, when I'm not doing any of the above then I practice my violin or teaching myself some amateurish piano.

    Music is a huge part of my daily motivation, inspiration and survival during the school/work week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goth metal raver View Post
    I mostly listen on my mp3 while I'm out and about, travelling on buses and so forth.

    I find I listen more intently when I'm wearing earphones anyway.
    that's exactly the same story with me..
    listening to music while traveling is a great way to experience life, I mainly travel by bus to work.

    Sometimes when I have new music loaded on my player, I hate when colleagues/friends will eat into that time..

    Sometimes I wish I had more time with my music, as it's barely sufficient..
    There are so many artists & kinds of music I am waiting to experience.
    But 1 GB music player isn't enough for that, so I keep changing my tracks within 3-4 days..

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    What I want most at present is to take a long vacation, sleep till I wake up natually every morning, drive to my grandparents' house and bake cakes for them, listen to my favorite music with a good novel till supper time...

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    I love music, the only thing I love more than music is finding new music, basing that on if the music is good.

    I wakeup to music from my cell phone alarm - (playing songs like Lion King Theme song or something funny to get me out of bed). Then I get up and pop in a cd into my stereo as I get ready for work. After that I get in my car and pop in another cd on my 30min commute to work. During the work day I do not play any music so that I am not distracting other students. You see, I work at a music school and there is music all around me the whole day I am working. Granted, not always the best music as little Jimmy is trying to learn Mary had a Little Lamb and completely butchering it. After work I listen to more music on the drive home, then I get on my laptop and play favorite songs as I try to replicate the songs on my guitar.

    Before writing this, I had no idea how much music I listen to on a daily basis.

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