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Thread: The nearness of you by anna margolina and band

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    Newly released single by the talented Anna Margolina and Band. Thousands are downloading it already. The tune and the melody are superb. It is well packaged for all music lovers. Download and see the wonders of piano. The voice is angelic, the piano is complementing...I love this! What are you waiting for? Click and download and share with loved ones. Click now....

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    Quite like this but make sure your sample is uploaded in stereo not mono next time - makes a BIG difference to the perception of the piece. The left hand on the piano should sound like it's playing on the left side of the stereo spectrum and the right on the right. Only the vocal should sit in the middle, with a bit of stereo widening to give it depth. When you have a minimalist arrangement you need to make full use of the stereo spectrum. That's when it comes alive.
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