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Thread: Stevie Wright dead....

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    Default Stevie Wright dead....

    iconic Australian rocker Stevie Wright passed away on Saturday 27th December aged 68...

    he was the frontman for 1960s pop/rock band Easybeats...
    they scored a huge hit in the US/UK in 1966 with "Friday on my mind", but here
    in their homeland they scored 18 hits between 1964-68 including four #1's...

    as a solo artist he didn't really achieve much in the 1970s but Wright has the distinction of
    achieving a #1 solo hit that is in the Guiness Book of records as the "longest song to make
    it to #1 on any pop chart anywhere in the world" with his superb eleven and a half minute
    rock opus "evie(pt: 1,2 and 3)"....

    it is this ballad-cum-blues rock track I will post now in honour of his career:

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    and my favourite Easybeats single:

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    INXS and Jimmy Barnes covered that track "good times" in or around 1986 and took it to the #1 position on the
    Aussie singles charts once again....
    here is their pumped up/ rock version of that track....awesome performance IMO

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    Aussie rock band JET recorded "evie" to raise money for a struggling Stevie Wright back in the day...
    here's their version of "evie pt: I" under the name The Wrights...

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