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Thread: Tobtok "fast car"

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    Default Tobtok "fast car"

    Tobtok featuring: River "fast car"

    two different versions o the Tracy classic in the chart at the same time...
    at least this one does use acoustic guitar, but like the other one
    I just posted it lacks the feel of the original.

    BTW, debuts at #34 in Australia this week.

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    they should have warning labels on covers/remixes

    "Get the original, it's much better"
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    Put it this way,
    This cover is better than the other one I get the picture,right??

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    Have to agree this version ( Tobtok) is far better, nice melody good drop cut out some verses really good job all
    round, the other version very flat and one toned.

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    Looks like Tobtok cut them To the chase released Nov 27, the other version Dec 4th seems the jonas version is under the universal label which is Tracey Chapmans label ( surprise, surprise) I think universal did this due to Release of Chapmans Greatest hits ! To be honest Di t know why the didn't have a deal with Tobtok far superior track.

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    Sorry but these reworked versions are all crap. Tracy Chapman's original track is far more emotive. This Tobtok is just utter crap. Where TC's words have real emotion and meaning this hyped-up crowd introduce a boring bog standard 'beat' - trying to 'boost' the track when in fact all they are doing is dumbing it down. The 'beat' is as flat as a pancake - no finesse at all. Another thing that irritates me is this use of constantly repeating vocal echoes - it just sounds stupid. A gimmicky trend that died out a long time ago. It does not carry the meaning of the lyric at all - but the dumbos that put this together are looking for 'effect' not quality. Big mistake. You don't screw with a timeless classic. The best version apart from her original version is her live version. There is only one person who can do Tracy and that's Tracy herself. Period.
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