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Thread: Academic research on SoundCloud mobile app User Experience

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    Default Academic research on SoundCloud mobile app User Experience

    Hello everybody!

    I am currently attending a MSc in IT and I am seeking participants for our survey regarding User Experience with SoundCloud mobile app.

    I am a massive lover of underground music and I obviously use SoundCloud to retrieve soundtracks wich I like. I decided to conduct a UX Evaluation on the app because I literally use it anywhere at any time, therefore I am interested on uncover issues and find ways to improve it. But now I need as many user experiences as possible.

    I know you might be busy and want to enjoy your Christmas holiday without filling forms in of some random strangers, but your help would be really appreciated. It will take about 10/15 minutes to complete it all. The most of the questions are open so that participants can freely express their opinions.
    If you will ever come to Brighton (UK), in change I promise you the best nights out in the best venues as well as some unforgettable Italian company (and food) \m/.

    Here is the link of the survey:

    Thank you very much for your support,

    take care (and Merry Christmas, of course)


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    If I want Italian company I go to Italy. No better place for it. (Amalfi Coast/Lake Como/Tuscany/Sicily) The very first thing this survey asks is your gender, age and occupation. All three of these things are irrelevant to listening to music. This is about what can we sell and to whom. This has nothing to do with the appreciation of music and everything to do with the bottom line. Data mining disguised as a 'survey'.
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    Hi Jerome,

    I am really sorry to disappoint you but no, this is not data mining and yes, I am an actual master student who has to hand in a User Experience Evaluation project by the 7th of Jan.

    The first part of the survey is necessary to identify the kind of user giving their own opinion. As a -----> User <------- Experience evaluation, it is important not only to examine the qualitative data given about the experience itself but also by whom it is given. I could have asked many more questions, but I thought people wouldn't have completed it all then.

    Of course, this is the kind of research that companies conduct while developing their products, but they would not look for participants in random forums on the web and they always give a sort of reward like possibility to win something or some sort of vouchers. I couldn't offer anything, so I thought to make some sort of joke.

    Anyway, I only wanted to clarify the situation just for the sake of it. I was only seeking help from random people, who might have got 10 spare minutes to spend on helping me. I'm not deceiving anyone and whatever participants say is for research studies only. I am definitely not going to sell my results to Sound Cloud, because as good as it can be, they probably can do better.

    Happy to answer further questions,

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