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    Lightbulb feedback

    on my NYC located band, Nomad, single "Looking At You". Check it here:

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    Hey Vincent just wanted to say I appreciated your constructive criticism on my song and I think you guys are really good. Mathew has a cool voice and the mixture of the menacing bass and drums provided for a real sick sound. Glad to see NYC repping!

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    Thank you for the kind words Phanton

    Hell yeah man, people have got to keep NYC on the map!

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    I'm not really into this kind of music but I honestly liked it. There is talent here and passion for sure.

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    Hey, thanks so much!

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    o`ya, that's good stuff, gets your attention right off ..I forgot to look at the time" on it, a guy would not want this going to long and bore people..know what I mean? Vincent

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