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Thread: Free album stream: Bird Control - My Television. Released 20-12-15

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    Default Free album stream: Bird Control - My Television. Released 20-12-15

    Bird Control is a Haarlem based rockband consisting of four young men with a passion for music from the late sixties and early seventies. While drawing from this Weltschermz the band is very conscious of the present time; adding progressive elements to a somewhat conservative notion of the great days of popculture. Their 2nd album is online, released at 20-12-15. You can stream it for free by the following link:


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    Not my thing but I am glad someone is trying to create something original - first track reminds me of early Floyd. 4th track reminds me of Status Quo/ZZ Top. Good work!
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    ive listened to the first four tracks so far....I like what ive heard so far....!

    great to hear a fresh new band playing "real music" and not manufactured crap from a computer program!!!!!!

    i'll get back the the other tracks later today.

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