Hello, thanks for stopping by my (first) post.

So, for the past six months or so, I've had a soft spot for folk rock music. I've tried several different music recommendation tools such as tastekid, but it never really seems to hit the spot. The particular kind of folk rock music I'm looking for is the kind that just fits perfectly on a sunny day and especially when you're out camping in the wild, which I do alot, or when you're enjoying a beautiful view. Here are some examples:

J. Tillman - Crosswinds

José González - The Forest

José González - Vissel

Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights

Iron & Wine - Loud as Hope

Eddie Vedder - Rise

Eddie Vedder - Photographs

I just love this kind of music and I feel like there's so much more of this out there that I haven't discovered yet. If anyone can recommend something similar like the songs I've posted above, I would be truly grateful!