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    Hey, my name is Aarnesh Shrivastava aka Vyroxx. I'm an upcoming producer who is mainly into Electronic Music and in particular Progressive House and House. I am from India and i have a strong passion for music. I've been playing guitar for the past 8 years now and been playing piano for the past 4 years. I started to make electronic music around 2 months ago and I am looking for feedback for my creations.
    You can check my profile at Soundcloud at /aarnesh

    I recommend you to check out

    Please do check my stuff out and leave a comment and to critic it.


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    I liked it though I listened to it on shitty headphones at work. Still, I think you might want to reconsider the level on that piano line, which I think goes overboard a bit. The track is generally loud and fat enough but there could still exist a stronger low-end. Keep up the good work.



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    please refrain from posting duplicate posts on MD,

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