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    Default Hi everyone!

    Hi, my name is Peter, I'm from Warsaw, Poland and I'm 27. Nice to meet you :)

    I'm a singer in a Polish rock band called Hanza, we've managed to release an album in September 2015 and now w'e're trying to promote as much as we can, which involves some live shows, radio acoustic shows, etc.

    I'm a huge fan of grunge (mostly Soundgarden and all other Chris-Cornell-related stuff), also love Incubus and the Foos.

    I'm not sure if I can ask this question right here right now, but do you think you could tell me about some American/British radio stations that are into rock music and are willing to give it some airplay? I think I heard about KEXP and KXSW, do you think that would be a good start?
    What are the real, actual chances of something like that? What would I have to do to even be considered for something like that?

    Also, I'm not sure if I can post it here - if not, please just tell me or delete it for me - but here is our clip, hope you guys enjoy it! (The song is in English ;-))

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    welcome to MD Peter....
    I listened to your track....I like it mate, good alt-rock IMO.

    here in Australia we have a National radio station that play alt-rock/rock/grunge etc etc...
    their website is linked below:

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    Thanks CRAZY-HORSE

    I heard about triple j, I know a few performances recorded in their studio, thanks for the info :)

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