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Thread: Coldplay "a head full of dreams"

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    Default Coldplay "a head full of dreams"

    COLDPLAY "a head full of dreams"

    or as I call it..."a head full of crap!"

    that was really painful to listen to(seriously, it really was!)...
    three words sum this one up:
    3...self indulgent
    "end of story really!"
    three tracks on here are "featuring...."
    the featured artists are a Swedish singer called Tove Lo,
    Beyoncé and Chris Martin's ex-wife Gweneth Paltrow...
    theres a disco type song with lots of "woo hoo's" happening.
    theres a couple of poetry readings by an American poet in Coleman Banks(whoever that is?)
    but those three words keep on popping up for me (tedious, laborious and self indulgent)...
    they've gone from bad to worse with their last three albums now and im afraid that
    theres no turning back for Coldplay especially when there is not one solitary track
    on here that I can say even comes close to me liking...

    time to put it away guys and retire on the money you made from your first four albums...
    it will be interesting to see next time I play one of their early albums if their last few have
    really dented my opinion of them totally!

    very little to pick from the album as a link, weve had the couple of singles posted on MD
    and no one liked them but here goes....

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    I just looked on the bright side re: this album,
    and thankfully Adele's isn't the worst album to be released this year from a major recording artist!

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    enters the Billboard chart this week at #2
    Adele kept them out of the top
    at least that's one good thing about her album

    Spotify spin for me
    pretty much agree with you CH
    somebody turn them over, they're done
    1 track I could maybe like with repeated listens
    that would be Amazing Day
    can't find a youtube clip other than live with bad audio
    won't bother with that
    quit the band and go save the planet Chris
    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”
    Will Rogers

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    Chris Martin....the next obnoxious Bono maybe????

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