The message:

Guys, you need to Join!

Here is the text of the song - little playing on my guitar

The subject are sensitive for many men and their daughters.
The sense of it: Dad has loose his child because of some social or home situatoins resons. And mother has separate.
Many of mens are be in pain because of this.
Because dady don't stop loving their childs, despite of the quarreling and disagreements with wife. He see his child only on weekend and not each time.
Foreign peoples teach ther childrens.

The idea, as in the video:

When a many of musicians playing one-same song:
- On the different instruments;
- In different cities.
And few guys running around with professional recording equipment and recodrding each each batch.
Then compiled all of tracks into one track.
And we've got - the track for clip.

But there is more funny - is all these musicians - the real pope, by which women took the children.

And after the introduction of each party,
of each instrument: drums, bass, perkutsy, guitar, keys, synthesizer;
Maybe some there is a single dad with some exotic instruments,
such as playing in the street in the wine glasses
or steel tongue drum,
different dads with sing parts of this song, like a various artists

will show pieces from the personal archives of filming each of this Pope,
he plays with the child (
Now everyone in the phone and on the computer a have home movies like this:
and can be shown on the rise:
- When the child was breast;
- And then only when the baby crawling;
- And then child started to walk;
- Then began to speak;
- They were playing on the playground;
- on the seesaw;
- on bicycle;
- Wen swimming in the sea, pool and so on.
We can find these dads through the musicians:
- Musical forums;
- fb and other socials group of musicians;
if you can translate that message into other languages, then:
- Will join the same dadys from the United States;
- Europe;
- India;
And all they will be shown in this clip and
then could play on exotic instruments:
- The type of harmonica;
- Something national;
- banjo;
- Someone can play on the field in the vein;
- In a big old concert hall like - symphony;
- Someone under the Eiffel Tower;
- On Broadway;
wherever you want.

You should send this message to all you known the musicians familiar - and then we would get an awesome video

Maybe will join up the professional operators,
experts around the light,
And video will have subtitles of this song on each language. Need some native translators for each language.

Maybe will join some brand, like a RedBull
that will sponsored airline flights,
hotels when they stay in different countries,
To work on this clip the same guys
- Specialists that will take up work on this project - for free
- on their food
and other transport

We can collect the money our-self on Kickstarter
I'm from Ukraine can not raise money on Kickstarter
We need someone from the United States

The reason: women emancipated
It is a weapon against the emancipation
So I think because of it - brands - will not join

My contacts:

E-mail: xwayokay[dog]gmail dot com
Icq: 3355-two-9743
Skype: x-way_vovan
My name is Wladimir.

With the guys who seriously ready to join this project will exchanging with phone numbers.

Here is a Facebook Page to discuss: