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Thread: I need to know the name of a piece of equipment.

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    Default I need to know the name of a piece of equipment.

    Iím desperately trying to find out the name of a piece of equipment. My new boyfriend is a professional musician, a keyboardist, in the SF area and a few months ago he told me about a piece of equipment (some sort of box I thing) that he badly needed, but said they were $500. I want to buy it for him but he doesnít want me to so he wonít tell me what itís called. Here are the guesses my family and I have come up with synthesizer, sequencer, a conditioner, and itís not anything common, like an amp, or anthing like that. Now we have a bet as to whether I can figure it out. Please help.

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    Jerome is the man to help you, just hang in there, he may be able to help....

    in the meantime, you could post a picture of it(assuming he already has one and needs a new one)

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    Going to need a bit more info than that. What does he do with this piece of equipment? Can you identify it in a magazine? Check what he's been reading up on etc. it might be an audio interface or something like that but I would really need more info. Sorry.
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