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Thread: A stupid theoretical project?

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    Default A stupid theoretical project?

    Hello! I wanted to see what other people might think of this "potential" project, i've been having on my mind for a while.
    ...and its a technlogical one.

    So i'm currently using bose qc25.
    Had qc20, the ear-ins, but used warranty to replace em with the new qc25(over ears). Just a short note: Not that happy with them, compared to qc20.
    Leaky, imo, inferior noisecanceling, not that much better sounding(sound, generally just decent, prize-wise(probably old news for you guys)), inferior portability, and lacking the "attention mode".

    So for the project...

    Was thinking, of combining em both. I know....

    ...And use a dual3.5mm plug, like this( Probably reduces the sound quality alot...? Not sure, if my pc/phone has enough juice to power them both, to perfrom optimally.

    What would be interesting, is to test the "impoved?" noisecanceling of combinig them, and maybe improved sound quality(doubt it..).

    Other problems: How to route the wires from qc25, into qc20, without breaking the seal of the qc20, maybe drill holes in the cups and fill the, with silicon.
    How to insert the ear-ins, before the over ears, without to much cablemess, and depending on that, how much the geometri of cable, will block these glorious soundwaves(xD).

    Synching oddities if sound is present on both units.(Maybe running sound on one of them(why not buy hearingprotection intstead))... hehe..

    Bose being unhappy, about product-alterations, dunno if there are any laws for that(for private use).

    And i'm not an audiophile, or whatever it's called.

    Anyone tried this out before or know of something similar i should check out? x)

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    To me it sounds like you are trying to over-complicate things. If it's quality you are after you won't get it from a phone or a PC. The integrated circuits in these devices are mediocre at best. Unless, of course, you have dedicated hardware in the PC (or connected to it) - as for phones - they're a waste of time. Crap audio - period. But I digress, why don't you pitch your idea to Bose themselves? Incidentally, it is illegal to reverse-engineer or modify existing devices. Read that warranty again!
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