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Thread: Justin Bieber - Mark My Words

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    Default Justin Bieber - Mark My Words

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #42

    I don't like it

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    He just irritates me - first he acts like a prick - now he's writing songs about acting like a prick and how sorry he is about everything - and he now expects everyone to just roll over and accept him as an adult 'artist'. Balls. This smacks of a management ploy to make him seem more grown-up and likeable. It didn't work.
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    It didn't work...
    It doesn't work....

    He's just one of those artists I will always dislike because of his attitude...
    Kanye West is another, I have one of his earlier albums that I don't think I could ever enjoy again because of that.

    I just don't know why these modern artists think they're "hot crap" when they make it...
    Where has humility and being humble gone????

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    I remember back when I joined MD that I thought Bieber could be a good artist if he wants to
    because I saw him perform on stage on some TV show, just him singing and playing acoustic guitar, it was good.

    The "men in suits" helped turn him into a prick and obviously gave him a popular sound that would sell millions, it destroyed
    him as an artist IMO, but he probably doesn't give a crap now he's rolling in money!!!!

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