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    Have you heard Mikal Blue yet? If you like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Five For Fighting, One Republic, Augustana, Damien Rice, Juno, Crowded House, The Beatles, Rufus Wainwright, Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Keane, Aqualung, John Mayer, James Morrison, will LOVE him!! Check out music & vids at Not only is he a truly talented songwriter and amazing singer, but he also produced some of my most fav amazing tracks for One Republic, Colbie Caillat, Five for Fighting, and Jason Reeves! He has so much soul and love in his songs, that it makes me melt every time I hear him sing. I just bought “GOLD” on Amazon BTW - his name is prounced like Michael :)

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    Please post in the correct forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techman View Post
    Please post in the correct forum.
    Which would be where? On a meta-note this grand amalgam called Chit-chat is the right forum, without which I'd never come across it. Mind, it's not my type of music but it's well-crafted enough to deserve a hearing by a wider audience, which I understand is the purpose of this particular Forum--Grab-bag City, you might say.
    He's on YouTube: and

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