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Thread: Probationary Period Explained

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    Post Probationary Period Explained

    This thread is to serve as information to new and existing members about the probationary period that all newly registered members must go through.

    Why do we have a 'Probationary Period'?
    In order to protect the quality of the community and forum, each new member is subject to a short probationary period, to eliminate spam, unwanted advertisements, trolls, and other off topic conversations that can often clutter so many forums.

    How does it work?
    The probationary period starts from the moment a new member joins. They can still use the site as any other forum. Nothing in effect will have changed, other than all new threads and posts will be verified by site management before appearing in the forum. So when newly registered members make their first posts, it may take a short while before being displayed.

    How to complete the Probationary Period?
    The period only lasts until the newly registered member has been both registered longer than 7 days and contributed with more than 10 posts/threads. From that point, their account will automatically be upgraded to a standard membership without any restrictions (Forum rules still apply).

    Are there any exemptions?
    Yes. You can post a link if your responding to a question, and the link must be relevant to the topic. If you are unsure, then go ahead and make the post. A moderator will verify it's relevance on every occasion

    Can I join to post a link?
    If your sole purpose for registering is to post a link or promote a music site, then no. Music Discussion prides itself on being an advertisement free zone, instead promoting good musical discussions.

    I have comments or feedback regarding the Probationary Period
    If you would like to discuss the probationary period further, then please don't hesitate to contact us.
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