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Thread: I wrote a song... What do you think?

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    Default I wrote a song... What do you think?

    What's good?
    I have been making beats in FL Studio for fun for a little bit now figuring things out as I go, and I decided to write some lyrics to the beats I make. I have my first song finished and I am here to ask if anybody could listen to my song, and give me some honest feedback. If I want to be an artist, I want to do it the right way and try to make music that people can enjoy, so I came here to get your thoughts. Don't be afraid to speak up, if you don't like it tell me. Be brutally honest with me, and please listen to it all the way through. Thanks! Lookin forward to hearing from you.

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    You asked for brutal honesty - this just does not work - the 'music' is non-existent - just the same old notes going round and round. Lyrics leave a lot to be desired. The mix is a disaster. Either change your genre or change your career. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.
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    Sorry. Not good.
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