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    Default Breaking Benjamin Profile

    new album released Sept 29th

    Dear Agony

    from the album - I Will Not Bow
    YouTube - Surrogates- Breaking Benjamin "I Will Not Bow"

    from wikipedia

    Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, currently consisting of Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Fink, Mark Klepaski and Chad Szeliga. Their music is most often classed as alternative rock or post-grunge,and have also been classified as alternative metal[7]. They have released three albums, and are set to release a fourth on September 29th, 2009.

    David Bendet who produced the band's last two studio efforts, We Are Not Alone and Phobia, is producing Breaking Benjamin's 4th studio album, Dear Agony. On their MySpace blog, Breaking Benjamin stated, "We are busy crafting the new material and have several songs ready for the Bendeth production treatment." On November 20, 2008 lead singer Ben Burnley was interviewed on Cage Rattle and stated that he is writing so much for the new album that it is consuming his life. He also stated that he is getting no deadlines or pressure from the label on this album so he is taking his time.

    On July 14, the members of the band confirmed there are 11 songs on the new album. One of the track names is "What Lies Beneath", and on July 28, David Bendeth confirmed from a news article that Breaking Benjamin's 1st single, "I Will Not Bow" was released onto radio stations on August 17, and was released on iTunes on Sept. 1st.

    On August 4, Breaking Benjamin's MySpace revealed the 4th album will be titled Dear Agony and that it will be released on September 29.

    On August 11, Breaking Benjamin's hometown radio station WBSX (97.9X) in Wilkes-Barre, PA debuted "I Will Not Bow".

    Due to the single being leaked to 97.9X radio in Wilkes-Barre, their first single "I Will Not Bow" began streaming on their MySpace at 8PM eastern time on August 11.

    A music video for the song "I Will Not Bow" premiered on their MySpace on Friday, August 21.

    On September 28th, the album was officially released in Australia.
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    So I have been a fan of Breaking Benjamin since they began, but sadly as for Dear agony goes I am not digging it as much as past albums. Also I may of not gave it enough time as some song are good but others are nothing special to me.

    Any other Breaking Benjamin fans have any thought on the new album, likes or dislikes
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    I think they sound similar to Disturbed, sometimes.
    The guitar and the way the guy sings in "Diary of Jane" is an example.

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