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    Hey gang!

    I am currently working on a blog post about great songs featured in a movie and I would love your feedback. Mods, I hope this is allowed?

    So the post is about great songs used in a movie that is not performed by a actor and which helps sets the scene in a memorable way.

    Some of the songs I have included so far include:

    People Are Strange / Echo & the Bunnymen in The Lost Boys

    Bustin' Out / Rick James in Superbad

    Auld Lang Syne / Dave Francis in Sex in the City

    Bittersweet Symphony / The Verve in Cruel Intentions

    The Kids Are Back / Twisted Sister in Jackass 3D

    Try A Little Tenderness / Otis Redding in Pretty in Pink

    Sister Christian / Night Ranger & Jessie's Girl / Rick Springfield in Boogie Nights

    If you can think of some others, let me know!

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    In The Sorcerer's Apprentice Secrets by One Republic.
    In The Proposal the opening song did work splendidly however I cannot remember it's name.
    The songs used in under cover angel are similar but also similar in that I can't remember their names.
    The best use of songs to establish emotion if you asked me isn't a movie at all. It's Eli Stone season 1

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