I've been meaning to ask this. I'm trying to find a song that I heard at the work intercom around 2004, 2005. I don't know the words or the lyrics, but I know it's a female singer, the voice kind of sounds like either Joni Mitchell, or Aimee Mann, or maybe a little like Chrissy Hynde. Anyway, the song kind of resembles (if you will) Colbie Calliat's ''What if'' song. Meaning when she sings the ''What if'' part, she sings it in a higher tempo. Anyways, the song I'm looking for has that kind of tempo, and I think it's kind of a contemporary song I guess.

Like I said before sorry I don't know the lyrics or words, but it goes like, do do do, SHOULD all DA da, da da da da da, . . . SHOULD all DA da da da du da da. I mean she's not actually singing that, but that's the general rhythm. Any ideas would be much appreciated.