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Thread: Sarah Bareilles "songs from waitress"

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    Default Sarah Bareilles "songs from waitress"

    SARAH BAREILLES "whats inside: songs from waitress"

    im a big fan of Sarah's piano based storytelling songs...
    this album is in similar vein to her other albums...
    you either like her songs and voice or you don't...
    I like the way she can take the boring mundane things in
    life and give them a life that sounds interesting...
    and being songs about everyday subjects we can all relate to
    them in one way or another...
    if you like her, youll like this one...
    and if you don't like her, don't bother with this one...Sarah is Sarah
    and she is what she is...

    from the album, the lead off single:

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    I don't want to spoil my album listen
    love her
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