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Thread: I'm retiring!!!!

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    Default I'm retiring!!!!

    Just thought I would show you how little a person earns from digital downloads these days. (Copied and pasted from my CD Baby account). Someone in Russia bought/streamed a copy of my previous project in August. This is the lowest amount I have been paid so far for this project. That's iTunes for you. Seems like even the digital downloads prices are being pushed down these days.
    Sales Date Partner Artist Album Song COVER TYPE Qty Unit Payable
    Aug 15, 2015 iTunes Apple Music Russia Auralscapes Into Imagined Lands Into Imagined Lands No stream 1.0 $0.00030000 $0.00030000
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    You're going to retire in that????
    The cost of living must be really cheap in Ireland mate,
    unless you grow your own potatoes.
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